Stronger Together

Venue Performance encourages sharing and
support across the hospitality industry.


It’s inherent in our DNA. The strength of our service is in the shared data. We firmly believe that companies can help each other without diminishing a competitive edge. In fact, when it comes to data (and to misquote an old aphorism), we can prove that a rising data lake floats all boats.

After all, the more data our members contribute to the marketplace of knowledge, the better the data sets and benchmarks that they and the rest of the market rely on will be. Better decisions are good for everyone.

And the beauty of our approach is that this data can be shared by all our members without compromising their anonymity or any competitive advantage. Each member sees a data set that is unique to them, a view on the world that reflects their particular challenges and opportunities.

Never has this been clearer than in the last couple of years. The sharing of data-enabled all our members to contribute to a desperately needed industry-wide sense-making exercise. The more data we have the better we can help each other survive the pandemic and thrive as we come out the other side.

Venue Performance is proud to have played a small part in helping the London venue sector and its supporters, such as the London Convention Centre, ride out the Covid storm.