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Lessons from COVID

During “Covid” clients reaped the benefits of data and analysis more than ever.

As economic signals became weaker and more confusing our unique grass roots data sought out signal amid the noise.

Clients identified which performance patterns were unique to them and which were industry wide, what was working for competitors, what experiments had already failed.

Hard data for hard times

Venue Performance is a future-focused, competitive benchmarking service that helps you understand your venue and its relative performance set against the competitors that matter to you.

Now more than ever you need rock-solid information about the future to drive your decision-making.

Venue Performance shows you what the future looks like for you, your competitors and the events industry in general. Forward bookings and historic data for you and your cohort are brought to life visually and our tools empowers you to interrogate the data further.

Venue Performance Reports

Your secure online dashboard shows you at a glance where you’re outperforming and where you’re underperforming compared to the market in general and your competitors in particular.

Future Bookings

Are you anticipating the future of the market correctly? Has someone else worked out the formula for forward bookings better than you? Venue Performance shows you the future as it looks to your competitors and the market generally. Our unique access to industry data allows you to see the emerging trends from forward bookings and adjust your policies swiftly and appropriately.

Analysis done for you

Our unique Performance Radar™ service drills deeper into the data and at a glance identifies areas of your business that need attention, allowing you to:

Venue Data Radar Report
Event Venue Data
Benchmarking for your venue performance

Competitive benchmarking

The key to analysing your relative performance is building the right competitor set. Venue Competitive benchmarking enables you to analyse a customised set of competitors, empowering you to make the right decisions to drive your business forward. Both future and past data is available.
Performance Radar data against competitors

Performance Radar™

With a vast pool of data we’re able to analyse industry trends, ratios and KPIs. Performance Radar™ compares your performance to these industry standards. With every bit of data our constantly learning algorithms get better at identifying areas of your business that stand out either as strengths that can be built upon or areas of risk and potential where performance can be improved.
Venue data stored and used securely

Data security and interrogation

Your secure dashboard enables you to interrogate the industry and competitive data sets to query the particular parts of your business that you are interested in and help make better decisions.

Key features

Venue Performance provides whole market trends that enable you to instantly compare the key metrics of your establishment with the sector in general.

But the real power and value is unleashed when you compare your venue’s performance with that of your competitors. From this competitive data set Venue Performance generates:

  • A unique set of competitive benchmarking metrics specific to your business
  • Forward bookings intelligence and historic performance data
  • Performance Radar™ (a revolutionary tool that immediately surfaces areas of performance that stand out and deserve further attention)

Competitive Benchmarking metrics:

  • Check icon Type of event
  • Check icon Date of event
  • Check icon Size of event
    • Delegation size
  • Check icon Venue Hire revenue
  • Check icon Food & Beverage revenue
  • Check icon Price Per Head
    • Venue Hire revenue & Food & Beverage revenue presented as average Price Per Head (PPH)
  • Check icon Lead Time
    • Time between event confirmation (date) & Actual event date

These metrics (above) present the following analysis

Venue Pefformance data analysis
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Frequently asked questions

Performance radar is an indicator of where you should pay attention. Based on the data you provide and our comparison with sector and competitor information we can tell you where there are anomalies. These may point towards things going well or not so well and indeed you may well suspect there is an issue that needs attention already. This is to help guide your attention. As our algorithms learn more we will be able to provide ever more actionable data.
Venue Performance has for the first time applied cloud-based data, algorithms and AI to take advantage of its data and experience. This is because we have invested significantly in technology because we recognised there was a vast amount of hidden value in the data we have been collecting.
There is little value in data for the sake of data and bar charts alone. Instead, we only surface useful information that can guide your actions. Consider, for example, output that shows your F&B pricing is lower than your competitors for events in general but lower for banquets. This would empower you to investigate whether your pricing is off or your quality of F&B is below par and could lead to low bookings in the future.

Our customers

Enabling venues big and small, standalone and chains to know their business better and improve their decision making.

Sami Badrakhan, 8 Northumberland Avenue “We needed information of a whole different class to allow us to meet the challenges of our rapidly changing environment and only Venue Performance could provide it. This is now an indispensable part or our business intelligence tool kit.”

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