Everything you need
to understand your venue

Venue Performance will track and measure the performance of your
venue against the competitive aggregate and general market.

Booking trends

This is the killer report that everyone wants to know right now – during Covid times.

This report will tell you what type of events are being booked, when they are being booked and when are they due to run. It’s your window into the world of your clients, your competitors, the market trends and the future.

This data is crucial for venues wanting to know what the future looks like and how to adapt your venue as well as your sales/marketing efforts.


Booking vs events per month presents the flow of business through your venue.

The orange lines show the performance of venues in your comparison set.

Future Booking Trends

Market share

Measure your market share for both the wider market trends as well as your competitors.

These market share reports will provide you with reports that will enable you to see how much of the market you want, have targeted, have been successful in acquiring.

KPI radar

The Radar reports are visual indicators of your overall performance and will tell you very quickly where you are strong and where you need to focus your efforts.

The KPI Radar report looks at the KPIs according to the set you have decided most important.

Events radar

This report is a great visual tool to help you take a holistic view of your performance and your competitors, as well as the wider market. It’s another way of seeing if you’re on track against your objectives.

Side by side

A simple 'go to' illustration of your key performance indicators against those from your comparison set. This chart offers hundreds of key learnings and actionable conclusions in the clearest way possible.

This chart is where most clients begin their measurement journey since it provides quick and simple statistics. Adjust the metrics in the filter and watch the data change in real time.

Be clear with what you are looking for, our support and examples will provide assistance.