Venue Performance

Transforming the events industry by providing data and insights on performance
of the market and its segments. This data generates actionable insights that
lead to better decision-making by our clients.

Our mission is to support the the performance of the industry, surface best practice,
raise the collective quality of the sector and ensure its survival during increasingly
unpredictable times.

Meet the team

Peter Heath

Founder and industry sales and marketing expert.

Peter has spent nearly 30 years working in the events industry, most recently running Londonlaunch, where he constantly encountered venues asking him "how was the rest of the market doing".

Over the last few years, Peter has developed and fine-tuned his approach to being able to answer that question by creating a benchmarking service which now has over 60 leading London venues taking part.

Peter's role within the team is client relationships and assembling the team that will not only help gather and improve the industry's data but also draw meaningful conclusions, best practice and common goals to help venues improve their performance. If you're a venue or an industry expert, Peter would love to hear from you.

Phill Rodgers

Phill has been creating software for the events industry for more than 10 years.

With a range of software packages including ticketing, session and sponsor management, human resource planning, social visualisation and delegate networking products, it made sense to add a performance and analytic product for an industry Phill understands very well.